The Ryburn Valley Greenway: Making The News (And Not Making The News)

There’s been much about the Far East in recent weeks, but let’s come back to Yorkshire and more specifically the Ryburn Valley. Some of you may remember me mentioning the Ryburn Valley Greenway project on in the past – follow this link to read the previous posts. It’s very much a long-term ambition to turn a disused railway line that runs from Sowerby Bridge to Rishworth into a viable walking and cycling route. The benefits for anyone wanting to travel along the valley (not accompanied by a combustion engine) are significant yet the consultation drags on. The report was supposed to have been published by now but all that has been produced is a side and a half of A4 (see below) that looks as though it has been quickly cobbled together in order to keep the local group of ‘activists’ happy. Well, we are not and we are looking where we go next. A freedom of information request perhaps?

Anyway, in more positive news, BBC Radio Leeds took up our invitation to come and visit the disused railway line and record a piece for the ‘Secret Spaces’ strand of Andrew Edward’s weekend breakfast show. The report was broadcast this weekend and here it is:


Andrew Edwards of BBC Radio Leeds

This is what £26,000 of public money spent on a consultation gets you:



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  1. Ripponden. This is a must do project that will benefit everyone. An obvious solution for anyone to escape the fumes and noise and dangers of the main road, hopefully asap.


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    • Obvious to us, alas not to all but we are making progress. We recently escorted a group of people from Calderdale Council along the route. They could clearly see the potential and expressed those sentiments. Small steps forward…


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