Sean Conway: ‘The Fastest, Unsupported Crossing Of Europe By Bicycle’ (Again)

“Endurance athlete Sean Conway has set a new world record for the fastest, unsupported crossing of Europe by bicycle. Sean has broken the world record by 9 hours after cycling 3,980 miles (6,405 kilometres) in 24 days, 18 hours and 39 minutes. Sean cycled across Europe starting from Cabo da Roca on the west coast of Portugal and finished in Ufa in Russia. Sean arrived in Ufa at 15.40 local time.”

…or Crossing Europe On A Bike Called… Maggie? Perhaps not. Not on Maggie anyway. Sean Conway appears to have dumped poor Maggie for a newer model:

Back in July 2017 Sean attempted to break the record for the fastest crossing of Europe by bicycle and it featured in this article on Maggie was his bicycle of course but unfortunately his attempt to become a record breaker (I can’t read that without Roy Castle appearing in my ears singing it) ended after 800 miles and 4 days on the road. Sean had succumbed to an injury and the plan was abandoned.

But he’s back, on a seemingly un-named bike (naming your bike is clearly so last year darling…), to attempt the record again:

“It was a big decision to come back and give this record another go. I think too often people feel that if they don’t succeed with…

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