The Cycling Europe Podcast: Episode 006 – June 2018

It’s June 3rd, it’s World Bicycle Day and… it’s back! The Cycling Europe Podcast Episode 006 for June 2018 has just been published and awaits your ears to to turn in its direction and enjoy a bumper 73 minutes of cycling chat. This month you can…

  • Relive last month’s wondereful Cycling Touring Festival in Clitheroe with contributions from ultra long-distance cyclist and traveller Stephen Fabes who spent six years pedalling his way around the globe, cyclist and scientist Sophie Esterer, one of the founders of Science By Bike, the amazingly energetic cycling environmentalist Libby Bowles, cyclist and photographer Alysse Riordan and the founders of the festival, Laura and Tim Moss. They are cyclist too…
  • Find out why Trans Pennine Trains have decided to make life for their cycling customers a little more problematic (although Charlie French does a good job of defending their honour), and
  • Explore the history of the bicycle with William Manners, author of the recently published ‘Revolution: How The Bicycle Reinvented Modern Britain‘.

Episode 007 should be secret agent themed, no? Perhaps it will as next week I’m off to James Bond’s ancestral home of Scotland to give a talk at the Edinburgh Festival of Cycling. If you have a story to tell and would like to contribute to one of the future podcasts, please get in touch. You can do so in oh so many ways – more details on the contacts page of

In the meantime, happy listening (here’s the iTunes link by the way) and happy cycling…


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