Bees, Sun, Bicycles… Action!

I spent much of the past weekend filmmaking. I’ve dabbled in the past with short videos, usually taken with the iPhone and/or GoPro (and have produced some good results) but if I am to cycle the length of Japan in 2020, I’d like to make a proper film. I have much to learn but I have a good eye for what looks right and I know how to piece together a story. Any advice and feedback is, however, welcome.

Here are the results of my weekend efforts behind the camera (although you may have already seen the third video in an earlier post):

A Hive of Activity:


Not on a Bike Called Reggie:

The main difference between what you see above and what you might have seen before is that I am now using a Canon EOS 80D – I mentioned it before in this post from the Yorkshire Dales – a camera which continues to surpass my expectations. I’ve never used a camera with which I was totally familiar with all its functions but I’m determined that, over the coming months, I will master ever nook and cranny of the workings of the EOS 80D. Expect a few more films in the near future… And then in 2021 there might not just be a book to write but also a film to edit as a result of my efforts to cycle from Cape Sลya to Cape Sata

You can see more of my previous short films on my YouTube channel and my Vimeo feed.

Screen Shot 2018-07-22 at 23.35.58 (2)

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