This Post Will Self-Destruct On May 26th: Be Quick!

OK, perhaps not self-destruct but the videos will disappear on May 26th and they make for a good watch.

There’s a good line in the French film Taxi 2 where one of the characters tells his girlfriend (who is keen on him arriving home to, well, ‘comfort’ here) to switch on the TV Franco-German TV channel Arte to cool her ardour. Back in the 1990s – when I lived in France – Arte had a rather staid image. However, things appear to have progressed and today I received a message fromย Alexander Herbert who works at the TV channel that has now gone online. They have produced a mini-series about bike culture; it’s rather good and you can watch it below… until May 26th. Hence the earnest nature of this post. Enjoy!

“Hello, Iโ€™m messaging on behalf of ARTE TV, the European Cultural Channel. Iโ€™m the editor of the English language website. We have made a 3 part series about bike-culture called Biking Boom that I think might interest your community. We would love to know what you think, and please feel free to share the series!”ย Alexander Herbert

Screen Shot 2018-05-23 at 20.27.49

“Cycling is becoming more and more popular in cities around the world. A look at cycling subcultures, the bicycle as an artistic symbol and as a means of liberation.”

Visit the Arte website ‘Biking Boom’ website here.

Here are the video links:

Biking Boom (1/3): Cycling as Lifestyle

Biking Boom (2/3): The Bicycle in Art and Pop Culture

Biking Boom (3/3): Protest Culture on Two Wheels


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