This Post Will Self-Destruct On May 26th: Be Quick!

OK, perhaps not self-destruct but the videos will disappear on May 26th and they make for a good watch.

There’s a good line in the French film Taxi 2 where one of the characters tells his girlfriend (who is keen on him arriving home to, well, ‘comfort’ here) to switch on the TV Franco-German TV channel Arte to cool her ardour. Back in the 1990s – when I lived in France – Arte had a rather staid image. However, things appear to have progressed and today I received a message from Alexander Herbert who works at the TV channel that has now gone online. They have produced a mini-series about bike culture; it’s rather good and you can watch it below… until May 26th. Hence the earnest nature of this post. Enjoy!

“Hello, I’m messaging on behalf of ARTE TV, the European Cultural Channel. I’m the editor of the English language website. We have made a 3 part series about bike-culture called Biking Boom that I think might interest your community. We would love to know what you think, and please feel free to share the series!” Alexander Herbert

Screen Shot 2018-05-23 at 20.27.49

“Cycling is becoming more and more popular in cities around the world. A look at cycling subcultures, the bicycle as an artistic symbol and as a means of liberation.”

Visit the Arte website ‘Biking Boom’ website here.

Here are the video links:

Biking Boom (1/3): Cycling as Lifestyle

Biking Boom (2/3): The Bicycle in Art and Pop Culture

Biking Boom (3/3): Protest Culture on Two Wheels


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