With The Sun On Our Right – Cycling Around The World

Laura and Tim Moss spent 16 months cycling through 24 different countries around the world…

…you can now read their book:ย With the Sun on Our Right – Cycling the world, meeting its people. More details on The Next Challenge website.

Laura and Tim are the people behind The Cycle Touring Festival that takes place once again in May 2018 in Clitheroe. I’ll be there. And Tim will, hopefully, be here – well, on The Cycling Europe Podcast – later in the month. Watch this space!

If you dislike cycling, cycle touring and all that is associated with it… (why are you on this webpage?), you might simply want to listen to the soundtrack of Tim’s video as it’s rather cool.

One day, will cycle the world. It’s worth visiting to note where it takes you.

Anyway, here’s the blurb for Tim’s book:

On their travels,ย Tim and Laura met a fascinating array of people and were repeatedly overwhelmed by the hospitality they received. From Turkey to Thailand and Oman to Japan, complete strangers invited these two grubby cyclists into their homes at the drop of a hat, offering the pair a unique and privileged insight into the lives of people from all walks of life.

Follow Tim and Laura around the worldย as they meet a gun toting sheriff on the Mexican border, a Taksim Square protester who makes a mean kebab and the Albanians who say yes when they really mean no. Join them as they stay with Buddhist monks, Georgian nuns, Turkish imams and Southern Baptists. And come along for the ride as they see behind the sanctions in Iran, hear about life after Hurricane Rita and experience hospitality even in the wake of violence and despair.

In a world filled with negative headlinesย and countries turning in on themselves, this life affirming story is a timely reminder of the common humanity that links people the world over.


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