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Cycle 300: Update

An update on my efforts to cycle 300 miles in September for Cancer Research UK. Date Time Miles Climb 9/12/2018 31:42:00 5.22 231 9/12/2018 28:43:00 5.31 168 9/11/2018 45:03:00 7.24 279 9/11/2018 25:38:00 4.97 151 9/9/2018 57:06:00 9.68 315 9/7/2018 28:00:00 5.33 168 9/6/2018 2:42:50 31.71 788 9/5/2018 […]

Welcome To… Fort William

There’s enough in and around Fort William – the local town to Ben Nevis – to keep the average man occupied for a day. I’m an average man and it has kept me occupied until 4pm. The campsite is at the foot of Ben Nevis itself… …and I […]

Happy 10th Birthday!

This website is in celebratory mood… Much of what you can find online is ephemeral; here today, gone tomorrow and, often, that’s no bad thing. I note, in passing,  that the list of antonyms of ‘ephemeral‘ include words such as ‘permanent‘, ‘perpetual‘ and even (goodness!) ‘eternal‘. Well, […]

Tristan Bogaard: “Why We Cycle”

“In this video we explore what makes us want to cycle – and encourage you to start your own bicycle tour. It’s possible! Back in June and July of 2018, my girlfriend Belén and I cycled the famed ‘Pamir Highway’, through Kyrgyzstan and Tajikistan. During our trip we […]

Is Las Vegas A Good Place For Bikers?

By Marc Martorell Cycling is more than getting from one place to another and even more than a sport. Committing to this way of life is a deliberate choice, so no wonder people want to take their bikes everywhere they go. Even in the most industrialised regions of the […]

The Artwork Of L’Eroica

“L’Eroica could only have been born in Tuscany. It’s a matter of soul,  land, white roads, landscapes, of genuine food and wine, of culture and passions, of history and of Bartali. Now world-renowned for the special people it involves and for the values it upholds, Eroica encapsulates the very essence […]