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OK, the French lost the World Cup Final, but it was a good match. Great match even. I only really started watching once it went into extra time, putting down my book – a biography of the legendary Yorkshire cyclist Beryl Burton – to concentrate on events in Doha. And, alas, the outcome for the French wasn’t good. But let’s face it, they made much more progress than the English or Welsh teams. Chapeau! Yet football isn’t the only thing at which the French excel. Home Camper is worthy of investigation and this post is prompted by an email that arrived in my inbox earlier today…

During my trip around Europe in July and August of 2022 I mainly used established campsites for my accommodation. In fact, here’s a breakdown:

But of those 45 nights on campsites, three nights were courtesy of ‘Home Camper’, a French organisation that is attempting to do for back gardens what AirBnB has done for spare rooms.

I stayed with one Home Camper host in Brittany…

…and a second in the south of France near Pรฉzenas:

Well it looks as though Home Camper – or rather HomeCamper – is looking for investment. Here’s a short video that, if you speak French, will answer all the questions:

I’m tempted to invest… More details can be found here.


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  1. What does Investment get you? or is it just crowdfunding to support the admin side?
    Is this just for slow travellers?
    Another worldwide site, same idea although it looks like a Belguim idea. Would be great to see that one gain popularity to warmshowers level.

    • The investment gets you โ‚ฌ1,000 worth of shares (โ€œactionsโ€). In the video. Etienne says that HomeCamper purchased Campe Dans Mon Jardin and Gamping back in 2018/19. The site you mention is a not-for-profit organisation. Iโ€™m temptedโ€ฆ

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