A Gem? Serious Wanderlust? TV-Level Production?

Back in the early days of ‘Cycling Europe’ I used to publish lots of the reviews that were written for the books. I’m a bit more relaxed about reviews nowadays but when I do stumble upon them, it’s always nice to hear that unknown people out there around the world have read, listened or watched something that I have created and have enjoyed the experience. As suggested in that previous sentence, it’s now more than just books; there are over 350 YouTube videos with nearly a quarter of a million views and 61 episodes of The Cycling Europe Podcast which is, I am told, in the top 2.5% of podcasts worldwide. If you have yet to discover the books, the films or the podcasts, here are a few of those reviews that may tempt you to give them a try…

“A gem of a podcast!”

“A thoroughly enjoyable listen full of insight, tips on where to stop off and stay, and it covers the simple joys of slow travel through the villages and towns on two wheels. It’s become my main reference tool in plotting my first cycling journey into France from Roscoff onwards. Thank you for creating this delightful gem – it’s pure escapism from the cold and wet weather of wintery Devon. I really appreciate the work you’ve put into each episode, they are lovely storybooks.”

Nix.Tee, Apple Podcasts, December 2022

“The photography is so creative and the music is great”

“What a fantastic video, I can’t wait for the next one! I have cycled most of these routes in recent years and did a similar ‘Tour de France’ not long ago. It is wonderful to see many of these places again. The photography is so creative and the music is great. Thanks for posting this! It’s making me really look forward to heading off on another tour in the spring.”

Angela E, YouTube, December 2022 (Le Grand Tour)

“A wonderful video. Beautifully filmed”

Francis Muir, YouTube, December 2022 (Le Grand Tour)

“Wow. This is TV-level production!!! Bravo.”

Angus Wall, YouTube, November 2022 (The Outer Hebrides…)

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“It’s given me serious wanderlust!”

“Really enjoyed this book, good to read the experience of someone just starting out on their bike touring journey and all [the] enjoyment and challenges that go with it. I’ve read many cycle touring travelogues but it was especially refreshing to read one not from an experienced tourer. Looking forward to reading the subsequent adventures! It’s given me serious wanderlust!”

Matthew Barker,, November 2022 (Crossing Europe…)

“This book is well written, a change from many Kindle books. Please write some more.”

Ken,, November 2022 (Crossing Europe…)

“I do like reading travelogues, but the quality of the book fluctuates greatly. Happily this book falls into the “definitely worth reading” category. Almost from the off the author comes across as a likeable guy, who really must try harder otherwise the whole trip will be a disaster. But with help from some people who do more than restore your faith in humanity he travels thousands of miles overcoming mishaps, while drinking more coffee and eating more pastries than imaginable. Very enjoyable!”

Jertzee,, September 2022 (Crossing Europe…)

“Great book well up to standard of other ‘Reggie’ books, For anyone who likes cycling and travel then it’s highly recommended.”

Samantha,, June 2022 (Along The Med…)

“Sykes’ writing is impeccable and thoroughly enjoyable. A lovely blend of travel highlights with philosophical moments.”

Pablo,, December 2022 (Spain to Norway…)

“A well written book that makes you want to pedal off somewhere new and explore. Interesting and to the point with some great tips on each area he visits. A must buy for any avid cyclist.”

Stephen Ward,, September 2022 (Spain to Norway…)

“Sykes’ easy going writing style, thirst for discovery and long school holidays takes us on an epic journey from the southern to the northern extremities of Europe. A fascinating read full of inspiration. Job done!”

Simon,, September 2022 (Spain to Norway…)


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