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4 Tips To Keep Your Bike Safe While Traveling

By Sania Hocane

Whether you’re cycling through a new city or planning a cycling trip to Spain, you want to make sure that your bike stays safe for the entire trip. There would be nothing worse than beginning a fun excursion, only to turn around and find that your only means of transportation is missing! Moreover, if you’re a cycling enthusiast, losing a bike is a lot more than losing a way to get from point A to point B; it also means losing a major investment in your favorite hobby.

In today’s guide, we are going to help you keep your bike safe while you travel around unfamiliar territory. This way, you can more focus on enjoying your trip and less on worrying about your bike. So, let’s get started!

Bring Back-Up Bicycle Locks

As a cyclist, you know that you should always have a durable bike lock on hand. But what happens if your lock suddenly goes missing? What if you leave your hotel without bringing it along on your trek? If this happens, you will have to keep your bike by your side at all times. Rather than dealing with this complication, simply bring at least one back-up lock that you keep with you wherever you go.

Know Where You’re Going

Part of the excitement of going on a trip is embarking into the unknown. However, if you want to keep your bicycle safe, you should try to learn a bit about your destination. It is especially important to know where you are staying (hotel, apartment, etc) and know about important locations. For example, you will want to know the location of the nearest police station in the event that your bicycle goes missing.

Get Insurance For Your Bike

While insurance will not necessarily cover bike theft, it will cover damage to your bike. Be sure to read the fine print on your insurance policy. Some will only cover damage to your bike that happens within your home country, while others will provide coverage worldwide. Additionally, make sure that you have a healthcare policy that will cover any injuries you sustain while cycling. If you need surgery for any of your injuries, remember to reach out to the experts at Northwest Surgery Center for assistance!

Select Your Rest Stops in Advance

When you are on your bike, you can generally trust that it will remain safe. As long as you are staying in motion and only taking safe pathways and trails, you have very little to worry about. Issues arise when it comes time to rest. You may stop off at a restaurant to get something to eat and leave your bike outside. What do you do if there is no place to lock up your bike? This is one of many reasons that you should plan all of your rest stops in advance. One way to know what to expect ahead of time is to use Google Street View to actually see what your rest stops will look like and determine which stops will have places to keep your bike safe.

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