Danny MacAskillโ€™s Postcard From San Francisco

I noticed a new video from Danny MacAskill this week: Postcard from San Francisco. I haven’t really been keeping up with his videos in recent months and years but when it comes to spectacular cycling films, his are difficult to beat and, with the financial might of the Red Bull corporation, the production values are cinematic. How he manages to balance on top of that tennis net is a mystery known only to the man himself. I like how he has to push his bike through Alcatraz and it’s good to know that he does fall off once in a while (probably significantly more than that…). Enjoy the film!

Perhaps the west coat of America should be on the list…

While you are here… don’t forget that the first episode of the four-part ‘Grand Tour’ series of films was released on December 1st. Watch the film below and visit to subscribe and register for updates. Part two will be published on Thursday 8th December at 8pm (GMT) with parts three and four on the 15th and 22nd of the month respectively.

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