Le Grand Tour: Day 63 – Rotterdam To The Hook Of Holland (39km)

CURRENT LOCATION: On board the Pride of Rotterdam

So there it is. Finished. After 63 days, 55 cycling days, around 4,700km*, 7 countries, 10 train journeys, lots of ferries (small and large), 45 nights in the tent, 11 nights in hotels, 4 with WarmShowers hosts, 1 with a friend and a night with a Vriendren op de Fiets host, 8 episodes of The Cycling Europe Podcast (the final part 8 episode should be published tomorrow morning upon arrival back in the UK), over 60 (almost) daily videos… and zero punctures, I arrived back at The Hook of Holland earlier today after the relatively short cycle from central Rotterdam and in doing so completed the ‘Grand Tour’ loop. It’s been fun.

Thanks to everyone for taking an interest in my 9-week European tour; your comments, your advice, your recommendations, your warnings… And thanks to everyone who has shown their appreciation by making a donation to help keen this ‘Cycling Europe’ roadshow on the road. It is very much appreciated. 

My job in the coming months is to start writing the book. I’ve also been asked to give a talk at the upcoming Cycle Touring Festival in Clitheroe in October so I’ll hopefully see some of you there. Wanda will, of course, return but as to when and where… who knows? Suggestions welcome!

*According to Cyclemeter. According the the CatEye computer that records every turn of the wheel, over 5,000km


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  1. Amazing Andrew, look forward to the book, will add it to the 3 others I have of yours! Always a sad day when a cycle tour ends and it’s back to blighty and work. Especially given the state of the UK today. Strap yourself in for the upcoming Tory clownfest…

    • Thanks for your continued support Shaun. Yes, having just arrived back in Hull it does seem like a world away from civilised places such as The Netherlands…

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