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Dan Joyce: How To Adapt Any Bike For Cycle Touring

Earlier today I had the privilege of introducing and later questioning the editor of Cycling UK’s Cycle Magazine, Dan Joyce, at the Cycle Touring Festival. Dan gave a talk about touring bikes. You can actually watch the presentation and question-answer session on the Cycle Touring Festival Facebook page (although you’ll need to sign in to Facebook and be a member of the Cycle Touring Festival group). Some of those attending the session asked if we could make the presentation that Dan used available as it contained a wealth of information. Well, here it is, as a video. You may need to pause the video to read all the slides. Each slide appears for 10 seconds. Enjoy! (Again…)

Cycling Films At The Cycle Touring Festival

The virtual Cycle Touring Festival has got off to a good start – perhaps you have already ‘attended’ some of the events – and the programme continues throughout this week. There’s a full run-down of the live events in this post on in which I made a passing reference to the ‘other events’ that form part of the festival. One of those is a programme of films and I’m slowly making my way through the listings. So far I’ve watched the following three films, each of which are very different in their style.

The Cycle Touring Festival: Touring In A Time Of COVID

This weekend sees the start of the 2021 Cycle Touring Festival. It’s virtual once again so you can listen to the speakers and watch the films from the comfort of your own living room. You do need to register however for each of the sessions (delivered via Zoom) and you can full details on how to do that by visiting the Cycle Touring Festival website. My contribution this year will be mainly in the form of a short talk in the first session at 8pm on Friday 12th February. The theme is ‘touring in a time of COVID’ and I’ll be discussing the motivation behind setting off last summer to cycle to the four capital cities of the UK as well as the journey itself. Below are a few screenshots to whet your appetite. Look forward to seeing some of you there.

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Cycling Trip Tips For 2021

Are you the type who isn’t satisfied to simply lay at the beach while on holiday, or lounge around a pool at a large hotel or resort? Do you prefer to be more active, and experience a variety of sights, cultures, and highlights while on holiday? If so, a European cycling trip can be the perfect solution, as you’ll be active each and every day, you’ll have the luxury of setting your own itinerary and pace, and there will never be a dull moment.