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Perhaps it was the anticipation of watching tonight’s episode of The Apprentice. Actually, probably not… But anyway, I spent a little time this morning sprucing up the ‘brand’ of It’s something I do on an irregular basis, usually when I’m a bit bored. This time, however, I […]


The Cycling Europe Podcast: Episode 012

The Cycling Europe Podcast is back in the UK and heads to Scotland to chat with Paul Cheese, musician and long-distance cyclist. His travels took him on an astonishing journey to almost every nook and cranny of Britain with a bicycle between his legs and a microphone in […]

Top Tips For Cycling In Italy

By Aaron King Italy is a beautiful country, full of striking scenery, historic sights, and famously passionate locals. Cycling is a great way to see Italy for tourists and locals alike. Whether you’re visiting the Italian Alps or Dolomites, or taking a trip to the famous Italian lakes, […]