Warmshowers: Changes For 2023

A few days ago I posted about the French site HomeCamper and the fact that they were looking for investment to develop their business. (It would be interesting to hear if anyone did actually invest in shares…) But Warmshowers remains the go-to accommodation option for many touring cyclists, with good reason. It’s free (kind of – you now have to pay a subscription to use the app which seems reasonable bearing in mind such things do cost money) and is a great way of meeting local people with whom you automatically have a common interest; cycling. Well, a few minutes ago, an email arrived from WarmShowers detailing some interesting developments that we can look forward to in 2023.

Here’s what Warmshowers say in the email:

You asked ~ we listened!

For decades the Warmshowers community has relied solely on a general messaging system between riders and potential hosts to set up stays. For years, riders have been asking for the ability to book stays in advance or to view availability by a calendar. And hosts have been requesting the ability to block out unavailable dates rather than having to turn off a profile or leave ridersโ€™ emails unanswered. 

Weโ€™re so excited to announce that these new features will be available to you in 2023. With an updated website, a brand-new booking system, and a streamlined feedback feature, it will now be easier than ever to make new connections with traveling cyclists worldwide. 

Real-Time Reservations

When the reservation calendar launches in early 2023, riders and hosts will still be able to message each other but will no longer need to rely solely on messaging to determine availability. Hosts can block out dates if they are unable to host, and riders will be able to view available hosts to book a stay simply. No more waiting around in your swampy bike shorts refreshing your email to see if you have a place to sleep! 

5-Star Rating System

Weโ€™ll also introduce a new 5-star rating system. Just as in the past, riders and hosts will have the opportunity to write reviews but can also choose to rate their experiences as well. 

Member Resources and Stories

The new website will also feature an updated blog highlighting the stories and exciting news from the people who make up the Warmshowers community, provide hosting and rider resources, frequently asked questions, and more. 

Weโ€™re so excited to get these features out on the open road with you in 2023. As we finish the website tune-up, weโ€™ll update you with sneak peeks and more details. 

Happy riding and hosting!”

Any thoughts? They sound like good ideas to me.

I interviewed the CEO of WarmShowers a few years ago for The Cycling Europe Podcast. More details about that episode can be found below.


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