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Make Your Next Cycling Trip The Best Ever

By Sania Hocane

Are you planning a cycling trip that you’re sure will be phenomenal? A cycling trip through Europe can be one of the most incredible experiences of your life. However, if you don’t plan properly, you may find that discomfort, anxiety, or missed opportunities get in the way of the trip of your dreams. Here are a few things to consider to set yourself up for an incredible cycling trip.

Have Foot Issues Treated

Cyclists are no strangers to foot concerns. In fact, many people get into riding bicycles because a problem with their feet prevents them from running or doing another high-impact activity. While cycling can be great for people who have foot concerns, issues with the feet can get in the way of an enjoyable ride.

Something like an arthritic bunion can cause a lot of pain in the big toe, making cycling difficult and causing discomfort whenever you get off the bike. You may have muscled through bunion pain on previous trips, but this is a condition that doesn’t typically get better on its own.

Only surgery is effective for completely removing the problem. Thankfully, there are now minimally-invasive options in bunion surgery that will have you enjoying your ride like before in no time.

Connect on Social

Gone are the days when guidebooks were the best way to learn about a place you’ll be cycling through. One of the most fun things about cycling through the landscape is how intimately connected you feel to the place and the people in it.

By connecting on social media before your trip, you can learn about what the residents of an area are talking about before you go there. Figure out the best places to stop in for a quick, cheap bite on the road, learn where you can get roadside produce to keep you fuelled on your trip, and find out where there are affordable places for a shower and to sleep on a bed when you’re sick of camping.

Enjoy Your Next Cycling Trip More Than Ever Before

A cycling trip can be an incredible experience, offering great exercise, giving you the opportunity to travel near to the landscape, and providing memories you’ll have for life. To make sure you get the most from your next cycling trip, resolve any foot concerns you have and take time to not only research but connect with locals on social media before you begin your journey.

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