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In the last week there’s been a lot about Tenerife but now that I’ve returned to the UK from my short break on the Canary Islands, the focus returns to Le Grand Tour, my 5,000km cycle around France, Switzerland and then down the Rhine in the summer of 2022. Hopefully many of you will have been able to watch the series of four films that were published back in December – they are all available on the Cycling Europe YouTube Channel (see link below) – and listened to the series of podcasts that were released during the journey itself. I’ve spoken about my journey at a couple of events since returning from the continent; at the Cycle Touring Festival and then at my local Cycling UK group here in West Yorkshire. Next week, however, I’m heading south! Not too far… Just to Sheffield at the invitation of the Sheffield CTC group:

On Thursday February 23rd we bring you an evening with Andrew Sykes, creator of the Cycling Europe podcast. Andrew will regale us with tales from his seriously Grand Tour of the Netherlands, Belgium, France, Germany and Switzerland. Promises to be a highly entertaining event with an opportunity to buy Andrew’s books.

Sheffield CTC website

No pressure… The event takes place at The Riverside in Sheffield and kicks off at 7pm. You don’t have to be a member of Sheffield CTC / Cycling UK to attend. The more the merrier! And there will be an opportunity to purchase books at the end of the event. Look forward to seeing some of you there!


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Visit the dedicated Grand Tour page of to find out more about the 2022 cycle along some of western Europe’s most iconic cycle routes.

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  1. We just started watching your Grand Tour films. The photography is excellent & appreciate having the place names on the screen (but could you not add dates?) Could I suggest for future films a little more narrative information for those of us wanting to use your trip to help us plan our own? I may have missed it but don’t know when you started this trip though I caught when you were planning to end it. Suddenly you have arrived in Paris but we don’t know how long that took or what the distances were. Yes, we can look it all up but nice to have when viewing. Also more commentary on bike path conditions, ease of finding campsites or other accommodation, cost would be very helpful. I have found that most cycle touring films have lots of lovely pictures or videos but are very skimpy on the useful info. Will listen to your podcasts.

    Eurovelo 1: France -Vélodyssée is a YouTube film that in an example of one that provides more info in a running commentary.

    Thanks for all you do to support cycle touring!

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