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Best Countries For Your First Cycling Trip In Europe

By Lenka Jones

As a cyclist, you have probably contemplated a cycling holiday in Europe. It makes sense with all the beautiful landscapes, cycling routes, and exciting destinations. The only real problem is that it’s hard to visit all the countries in one go! As a first-timer, you likely want to tick off all the famous and exciting locations, preferably ones with plenty of cycling routes. Luckily, this list has all the best countries for a first-timers cycling trip in Europe.

Why Cycling?

Cycling is one of the best ways to travel for multiple reasons. It’s fun, costs less than public transport or driving, and benefits the environment. Best of all, you get to visit places off the beaten track.

It truly is the best way to explore Europe โ€“ some would say the only way! So, book your flights, invest in a lightweight, travel-friendly bike from, and enjoy the wonders these countries offer.


Germany is packed with various bicycle lanes thanks to the popularity of cycling. That means you can take in the country’s never-ending picturesque landscapes, even as a beginner.

The Elbe Cycle Path is a perfect route to take through Germany, as it travels from North to South, eventually ending up in the Czech Republic. Along the way, you’ll take in a lot of nature, great food, and German beer!


For cycling fans searching for their next adventure, Croatia should definitely be on the list of places to visit. With cycling routes that take visitors back in time, cycling cruises in Croatia can give tourists a unique perspective on life here. Croatia’s cycling infrastructure is well-developed and considered one of the most bike-friendly countries in Europe.

The combination of stunning landscapes and temperate climates makes cycling an enjoyable experience all year round. Between the country’s numerous cycling trails and cultural attractions, there is something for everyone when it comes to cycling in Croatia. From big cities like Zagreb to serene mountain ranges, cycling cruises in Croatia offer a trip of a lifetime no cyclist will want to miss!


Everyone knows how gorgeous Italy is with its tall mountains, small villages, and romantic cities. It’s also a great place to bike. Throughout the year, Italy hosts a range of bike tours you can take part in, allowing you to take in the amazing scenery.

Do you like the sound of both Germany and Italy? If so, take the Munchen-Venezia cycle route from Germany through Austria to Italy. It’s ideal even for first-timers, as it has little traffic. Plus, you get to see some of the best sights.


France is known for its fascinating villages, cities, and towns โ€“ not to mention the delicious food and wine. While cycling through France, you can take in all of that. There are even specific wine trails if you are a fan of a glass or two of red! Of course, if you prefer a more hardcore biking route, you can always bike up the alps.

France is a great contender for the best cycling country in Europe due to its picturesque scenery and numerous bicycle paths. It makes sense that the annual Tour De France cycling event is so popular!

The Netherlands

Cycling is prevalent in the Netherlands, with Amsterdam often named the bike capital of the world. One of the reasons for this is that its bicycle lanes and traffic rules are so safe. With so few bicycle accidents, many people don’t even bother to wear a helmet! (Although wearing a helmet is still advised!)

On top of how safe it is, the Netherlands is also great for a first-time biking holiday, thanks to its beautiful hills, windmills, and villages. Just make sure you take waterproofs, as rain is a common sight!

These countries are, without a doubt, some of the best destinations for cyclists. However, there are plenty of other great European countries to enjoy along the way! Whichever countries you pick, ensure you plan and prepare adequately so that you can focus on enjoying yourself. 

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  1. I’ve cycled in in Netherlands and France but my favourite country for cycling, so far, is Spain. Drivers are overwhelmingly courteous and careful around cyclists. There are some great routes, on road and traffic free, and you can take your bike on some trains.

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