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EuroVelo And Cycle Tourism Conference 2018

I’m tempted to register… From the European Cyclists’ Federation website: “The registration for the EuroVelo and Cycle Tourism Conference 2018 that will take place in Belgian Limburg on September 26th – 28th is open! You can now register here. Do not miss the leading cycle tourism conference in Europe, a unique occasion to share knowledge, highlight […]


During all that, I took pictures of clouds while listening to Radio 5 Live. If only we were all as passionate about preventing the folly that is BREXIT as we are in progressing in the World Cup. More clouds, perhaps, in the quarter finals…

York Cycle Rally: Speaking, Socialism & Skin

There’s something reassuringly old school about the York Cycle Rally. Not retro, just old school. Nothing forced; no obligation to ride a bicycle that dates from a day before the word ‘comfort’ appears to have come to the attention of bicycle designers, just reassuringly traditional. Neither fashionable not […]

Le Ride: Re-living The 1928 Tour De France

With suitably melodramatic background music and available on demand in the UK from June 25th… From the filmmakers: “LE RIDE follows the story of the first English speaking team to ride in the toughest sporting event on earth, The Tour de France.  In 1928 a small under-resourced, untested team from […]