Tenerife: Day 4

When I was thinking about what to do today, top of the list of ‘possibles’ was staying at the hotel and cracking on with some writing. I was hoping to knock off at least another couple of chapters of the new book this week, but it hasn’t happened, yet. And it never happened this morning. With it been another nice day, it seemed a waste to sit at my computer, especially when there are so many things I haven’t done on this island. That includes getting anywhere near Mount Teide. Would today be the day I did?

This trip to Tenerife is one of the many cycling holidays offered by Jet2 Holidays. Jet2 have a range of flights to Tenerife and I chose to travel from Manchester to Tenerife South. I stayed at the Dreams Jardin Tropical Resort and Spa, one of the ‘Winter Sun’ destinations offered by Jet2Holidays but, of course, Jet2Holidays offer holidays to Tenerife all year round.

The booking agent at the hotel last night couldn’t fit me on a trip up the mountain but I thought I’d give it another chance by asking at one of the many agencies in the streets. The first I came to was run by Joy. A very friendly and helpful woman but ultimately she couldn’t get me on a trip either. Could I hire a car? No luck there from her friends down the road. A bus. Ahh… That might work. Off to the bus station.

“The national park is closed today” explained the woman behind the bullet-proof glass. Looking on line it’s because of the weather. It may be a very nice 20°c down here on the coast but 3,500 metres up in the hill, it isn’t. No cable car today and no traffic along the road due to ice. Back to square one.

I glanced around the bus station for other destinations… Los Gigantes was the most obvious. The place I had failed to get to yesterday on the bike. 45 minutes later I was there…

It’s time you watched the video:

The chap in the picture below is Trom from Norway. Had an interesting chat with him about how dreadful a place Britain has become post-Brexit with poverty and inequality rife with an out-of-touch government continuing to take us in the wrong direction. He lives in Amsterdam (and was on Tenerife to visit his girlfriend) but has never visited the UK. After our conversation, I don’t think he ever will…


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