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Reasons To Consider A Cycling Holiday This Summer

By Sam Whalley

Are you considering booking a cycling holiday this summer? Here are just some of the reasons why you won’t regret making it your holiday of choice:


Whether you plan on traveling alone, or you just fancy meeting some new people, cycling holidays provide a great opportunity for socialising with like-minded people and forming long lasting friendships. Booking onto a group cycling tour is recommended if you’re looking for a social holiday.

Being with the same group throughout the holiday will allow you to bond over shared experiences and the variety offered by a cycling holiday means you are likely to find someone with a similar interest to you. 


Unlike other holidays, a cycling holiday won’t leave you feeling lethargic but will instead leave you feeling energised and in great shape. Being low-impact means cycling is easier on your joints, and it has also been proven to benefit mental health too.

Despite being a major benefit, don’t let the fitness aspect of a cycling holiday put you off; there are routes suitable for all abilities, meaning you can enjoy it as a novice or a pro. 


With global warming increasing, many of us are making a more conscious effort to reduce our carbon footprint. A cycling holiday, especially one that doesn’t require travel to a different country is a great way to still enjoy traveling and exploring new areas without the associated carbon emissions of air or car travel.


Arguably one of the best reasons to go on a cycling holiday is the sense of adventure and the opportunity to explore new places. Unlike more traditional beach holidays, on a cycling holiday, you will be able to visit multiple places and try various activities all within one trip.

From wine tasting to art galleries, with plenty of cycling in between, you are sure to not be bored.

Switching off

One of the main reasons any of us choose to go on holiday is to get the chance to completely switch off. A cycling holiday is the perfect chance to do this; with far less stress than other holidays, there is no rushing for public transport and time spent completely free from technology, you will be able to really unwind and enjoy being present.


Another great benefit to choosing a cycling holiday is that it is completely customisable to your wants and needs. Whether you’d prefer to cycle once every couple of days, or daily, or whether you’d like to stay in one area versus cycling across different landscapes, you can make the holiday work for you.

This means you are sure to have a holiday that you enjoy, and will no doubt be desperate to book in again for next year as soon as you return.


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