Episode 039 – Part 1: The Hebridean Way… On A Bike Called Wanda (Vatersay To Berneray)

In episode 038 of The Cycling Europe Podcast, Andrew Sykes spoke to a number of travellers about their experiences of cycling The Hebridean Way. Now it’s his turn to get onto his bicycle, Wanda, and cycle from Vatersay in the south to Lewis in the north along one of Britain’s most spectacular rides. In part 1 of the podcast he travels from the island of Vatersay to the island of Berneray. Part 2 of the podcast will see him complete his journey to the Butt of Lewis and it will be published on Sunday 19th September 2021.

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  2. What do I think? I think I would rather read a load of text than watch a podcast – I just don’t have time to sit for an hour in front of a screen.

    • Hi Pagan. A podcast doesn’t require you to watch anything… It’s an audio thing, like radio. Are you familiar with BBC Radio 4? It’s a bit like that…

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