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After last week’s trip down to London to meet and interview Tim Moore, another week of travel but this week much more of it on the bike. Ronnie, the Ribble Hybrid has just finished his first complete week carrying me to and from work. It’s the first time since, I think, 2017 that I’ve completed a full week of cycle commuting and long may it continue! It’s the back end of winter so the mornings are rapidly getting lighter and and weather has generally been amenable to cycling; just one of the ten rides last week was in the wet. Some mornings, there was even a distinct hint of spring…

Here’s Ronnie’s daytime home, chained to a radiator keeping the school’s stock of plastic penises company…

Safe cycling…

In other news… this time last week I was heading over to Leeds on the train to meet up with another future podcast guest. I’m always a bit reluctant to record interviews with people who have yet to set off cycling; surely, they will have more to say once they’ve returned from their travels, no? But in Nathan’s case I was happy to make an exception. He is a man with a big plan. Here’s an unedited extract from the conversation that I had with Nathan in which he details his proposed cycle around the world:

The full interview with Nathan will be the main feature of episode 047 of The Cycling Europe Podcast and will be published sometime later in April (after episode 045 with Candy Whittome and episode 046 with Tim Moore).

At the other end of the week – yesterday evening – I headed down to the Nottinghamshire village of Shireoaks to talk about my own cycling story since first coming up with the idea of cycling across Europe way back in the summer of 2008. I’d met a chap called Paddy Ducey at the talk I gave in York last October. He proposed organising a ‘pie and peas’ event near where he lives in Worksop and it took place in the Shireoaks Village Hall last night. The talk seemed to go down well but it still makes me smile when I realise that people are actually willing to pay to hear me talk. Some of the kids I teach at school would think they are deranged… If you’d like to invite me to speak at an event you are organising, please feel free to get in touch. All the details of how to do so are on the ‘contact’ page of

Next up, after – hopefully – another full week of commuting to and from work, I’m off down to the NEC in Birmingham for The National Outdoor Expo. Expect a follow post later in the month…

Visit the dedicated Baltic Sea Cycle Route / EuroVelo 10 page of to discover more about the planned cycle around Europeโ€™s other big sea.

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