Tokyo 2020 Comes To… Hitchen

This is brilliant! “The squirrels can’t get to Tokyo…” says Steve Barley. I feel their pain! Perhaps I should just have cycled around my own (tiny) garden instead of planning to cycle the length of Japan in 2020 or 2021…

“A man has created an Olympic-themed squirrel obstacle course in his back garden to mark Tokyo 2020.

“Steve Barley, 57, from Hitchin, Hertfordshire, spent almost three months building the course, designed around events in a heptathlon.

“Two wild grey squirrels have learnt to master the obstacles to get to the nuts at the end, although they don’t always use it correctly.

“Mr Barley, who had previously commemorated the NHS during the Covid pandemic with a health service-themed course, said “it’s all for fun”.”

BBC News

You can watch the full video of the Squirrel Olympics here.

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