Shapeheart: Magnetic Phone Mount

By the Shapeheart team

Shapeheart is the brand that has invented smartphone accessories with a detachable magnetic sleeve! A unique patented magnetic system that holds strong, whatever your activity, and a sleeve compatible with all smartphones. The Shapeheart bike (and scooter) mount allows you to attach your smartphone to your handlebars in a few seconds and be guided by your GPS. No need to take your phone out of your pocket to find your way around.

  • The magnetic system withstands up to 50 times the weight of your smartphone
  • Excellent handling whatever the road condition (cobblestones, potholes, …)
  • Patent pending
  • Harmless for the smartphone. the magnets are located between two iron plates that cut the magnetic field at the smartphone
  • Stable: the smartphone does not move on the handlebars

The device can be ordered either directly from the Shapeheart website or via Amazon.

Categories: Cycling

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