Bike And Boot Hotel, Scarborough: The Film

A few months ago I made a special episode of The Cycling Europe Podcast that was all about cycling-friendly accommodation options. The podcast featured interviews with people about WarmShowers, the YHA, wild camping and the Bike & Boot Hotel in Scarborough. The hotel has just released a video about their establishment on the Yorkshire coast and itโ€™s rather good. Lights? Camera? Action!

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โ€œAcross the globe, the restrictions imposed by COVID-19 are beginning to ease. Foreign travel may not be an easy option for most people in summer 2021, but being able to explore your own country probably is. In this episode of the podcast, we look at some of the accommodation choices available to touring cyclists including wild camping, hotels, hostels and reciprocal accommodation sharing with contributions from WarmShowersโ€™ Tahverlee Anglen, wild camper Tim Millikin, the YHAโ€™s Simon Ainley and Simon Kershaw from Scarboroughโ€™s newest hotel, Bike and Boot.โ€

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