Episode 035: Max & Varnum – Cycling Europe 1908-09 / Simon Garland – EuroVelo 15

In June 2020, The Cycling Europe Podcast dedicated the whole of episode 21 to the epic early 20th Century European cycle of the American Maximilian J. St. George. After discovering the podcast, Tim & George, both grandsons of Max got in touch, as did Juniper, great grandson of Max’s travelling companion Varnum Parish. Varnum not only rode with Max for several months but wrote his own diary. The podcast talks to Tim, George and Juniper about their ancestors’ travels in Europe. Plus: Simon Garland takes a comical look back on his EuroVelo 15 cycle along the route of The Rhine…   

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  1. Hi Andrew. An idea for a future podcast interview: following your interview with Timmy Mallet, did you know that he’s recently completed a coastal circumnavigation of the GB? May be worth seeing if he wants to chat about it. Also a selfish one, I love the story of Maximilian but (as I’m sure you know) his book is pretty impossible to lay hands on. With your book publishing skills and contacts, do you think a small print run project would be possible (if you could get permission). I’m sure it would be profitable? Keep up the excellent work. Phil

    • Hi Phil. I’m sure I answered this! Did you also send me an email? Perhaps that’s it… Anyway, I might get back to Timmy about appearing again. He was fascinating at the Cycle Touring Festival. As for Max’s book, I’ll leave republishing it to others… 🙂

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