The Cycling Europe Podcast: Episode 033 – Mat And Harriet Hall – UK To Istanbul / Robin Watkins – Czechia

In this episode of The Cycling Europe Podcast we are pointing our wheels in the direction of Istanbul. In pre-COVID Europe, Mat and Harriet Hall headed off on their first long-distance cycle tour along the EuroVelo 15 to Switzerland before hooking up with the EuroVelo 6 to Romania and then finally following the EuroVelo 13 to Turkey. They have now turned their adventure into a series of films that document the highs and occasional lows of life on the road. Plus: this monthโ€™s monologue comes from Robin Watkins who recounts his travels through the towns and villages of Czechia. 

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  1. Interesting as always, Andrew! I think the new monologue section works nicely, it adds variety and change of pace.

    • Thanks for the feedback Dana. Yes, I agree about the monologues. Would you be interested in recording one? ๐Ÿ˜Š

  2. Great to hear of Mat and Harriet’s ride – I’ll check out their videos. We got as far as Athens once upon a time but didn’t make it as far as Istanbul as we’d hoped. Maybe they’ve inspired us to try again!

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