Episode 044: The Canal de la Garonne & Canal du Midi / Trikes

Declan Lyons trained as a zoologist but after several years working as a journalist and management consultant he started to research and then write two Cicerone guides for people interested in cycling the Canal de la Garonne from Bordeaux to Toulouse and the Canal du Midi from Toulouse to the Mediterranean coast at Sète. Together the canals are known as the Véloroute des Deux Mers – the ‘two seas cycle route’ – and in this episode of the podcast he talks about the history of the canals and how they have been transformed in recent decades into one of France’s most popular cycling routes. Also: we hear from Ian Yarroll, an experienced cycle tourist, who, after developing balance problems, took up a recumbent trike…      

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  1. Really enjoyed listening to this episode. I cycle quite a lot, however my wife is relatively new to cycling, but listening to this, if inspires me to try see if I could introduce cycle touring to her along one of these routes. So, if anyone has any ideas, which of the two Canals would be best suited for a novice cyclist looking to have a great intro to cycle touring? Garonne or Midi?

      • Yes that was the conclusion I had come to listening to the podcast. The Midi does sound prettier, but the surface less forgiving. I liked the sound of the Garonne as riding from Bourdeaux inland allows aclimatisation as Declan said! So, on this advice I’ve just ordered Declan’s Guidebook! Cheers!

  2. Andrew thank you, I listening to your podcast as I Zwift. Myself and two friends will start out adventures on 21 May in Boudreaux and I eagerly await your insights!

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