Cycling The Hebridean Way: Day 7

Tonight’s instalment of this trip to the Outer Hebrides will be brought to you mainly through the medium of video. Someone asked why I didn’t add a narration to these videos. Well, it adds an extra level of complexity to do so but, as the wind today was light (anything above a gentle breeze causes horrible distortion on the iPhone microphone), I’ve added a few comments as you’ll hear when you listen. Video coming up in a few moments.

But to kick things off, as it’s the sabbath, here are a few images from the charming church at Rodel, home to the Macleod clan:

After that ecclesiastical interlude here’s tonight’s longer-than-normal video:


Here’s the plan for my trip to the Outer Hebrides

…and here’s a podcast I made about cycling the Hebridean Way prior to setting off:

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And finally, since you’ve made it this far, just one more thing:

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    • It does but bear in mind the footage you’ve seen so far is only 720 HD. It records in 4K so once I’m home the footage should look even better!

  1. Great video , enjoyed the ride ! 😀.
    This morning the weather in Gairloch was so glum, rainy . I cut short my cycling holiday and drove east to Inverness and back south to Bradford.
    I don’t need to cycle and visit Scotland when I can sit back and watch your magnificent videos; many thanks Andrew.

  2. So jealous that you got inside St Clements. When I was there in July it was still “covid closed”!

  3. Great views. What a great place to wake up in a morning. Looking forward to the video, which still seems to be ‘processing’!

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