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Paul Gentle’s Tarifa to Nordkapp 2020: France, Part 2

If you listened to Episode 015 of The Cycling Europe Podcast you will remember that Paul didn’t make it quite as far as Nordkapp, for fairly obvious reasons. But he did make it as far as Nice in France and will hopefully one day soon return to complete the journey. But here in the written world of these posts (as opposed to the spoken world of podcasts), Paul has just arrived in France and is heading in the direction of Nice…

Cycle Touring Photo Competition 2020: Update

Over 100 entries have been submitted to the Cycle Touring Photography Competition 2020! And there’s still three weeks to go before the deadline of the 31st May. All you need to do is send your best photos from 2019 (that must include a picture of your bike on a cycle tour of some kind) to Great prizes from Cicerone Press and the European Cyclists’ Federation. Full competition details at

Barry Godin: Tour Of Mont Blanc

As lockdown continues, cycling anywhere remotely exotic is most definitely off the agenda for several months to come. Stay local! However that doesn’t prevent us from vicariously enjoying the adventures of others from the pre-Coronavirus era. Barry Godin has just published a new film about mountain biking the Tour de Mont Blanc. Having walked almost all of the Tour de Mont Blanc route over two seperate hiking trips – in 2006 and then in 2016 – it’s an area of the world that I know well and Barry’s film was a pleasure to watch.

How To Take Amazing Cycling Photographs

The continent is packed with tons of enthralling and breath-taking cycling routes. Regions such as Bordeaux, Vienna, Paris, Utrecht and Berlin are beautiful, and it would be a waste to cycle through these routes without memorialising them in photographs. However, taking action shots in these gorgeous places can be quite a challenge, especially if you are new to photography.

The Cycling Europe Podcast: The Story So Far In 2020

It’s been a busy year so far for The Cycling Europe Podcast and with episode 18 just published, it’s perhaps a good moment to look back over the six podcasts that have been published since January. All of the podcasts can be listened to directly from The Cycling Europe Podcast homepage or via your favourite purveyor of podcasts.

The Cycling Europe Podcast: Episode 018

If you are a long-distance cyclist in Europe, it’s highly unlikely that you have managed to avoid the EuroVelo network of cycling routes. Created and administered by the European Cyclists’ Federation, the 16 routes are a source of support and inspiration not just long-distance cyclists but also those who set off on much shorter trips within Europe. But what is the thinking behind the EuroVelo network? Why was it created? What can you expect if you choose to cycle one of the routes? And where is the network going in the future? All questions that we asked Ed Lancaster of The European Cyclists’ Federation, the man in charge of developing and promoting Europe’s greenest travel network.