“One Of My All-Time Favourite YouTube Videos… Epic Stuff!”

On July 3rd 2022 I set off from The Hook of Holland in The Netherlands, turned right and pedalled off in the direction of France. It was an anti-clockwise tour of the continent; the EuroVelo 12 along the Belgian coast, the EuroVelo 4 to Dieppe, L’Avenue Verte to Paris, La Véloscénie to Mont St Michel before rejoining the EuroVelo 4 to Morlaix, the EuroVelo 1 / Vélodyssée to Royan, the Canal de la Garonne to Toulouse, the Canal du Midi to Sète, the EuroVelo 17 beside the Rhône to Andermatt in Switzerland and finally the EuroVelo 15 / Rhine Cycle Route back to The Hook of Holland and the return ferry to Hull on September 3rd.

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Part 1 – La Vélomaritime (EuroVelo 4) / L’Avenue Verte / La Véloscécenie

“A wonderful video. Beautifully filmed.”

“What a fantastic video, I can’t wait for the next one!”

“This was a great video to watch.”

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Part 2 – La Vélodyssée (EuroVelo 1) / Le Canal des 2 Mers (de la Garonne / du Midi)

Great video, thank you for sharing your adventure.

“Beautiful footage!!” (Ryan Van Duzer)

“I like your style of vlogging.”

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Part 3 – ViaRhôna (EuroVelo 17)

“So inspiring seeing these films, and so nicely put together.”

“It’s really a Grand Tour.”

“One of my all time favourite YouTube videos (all four parts) – wonderful content, thank you so much for taking the trouble to film your journey and share it – epic stuff!”

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Part 4 – The Rhine Cycle Route (EuroVelo 15)

“Thanks for sharing, beautifully done!”

“Great combination of footage and commentary. Nicely done.”

“What a beautiful set of films. Excellent storytelling. Love following your journeys.”

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  1. I am planning to ride Eurovelo 15 from HvH to Basel this summer. Thanks for amazing videos, Andrew. The podcasts are fantastic, too. Lovely listening via podbean of an evening, taking me on adventures.

    • Thanks for your positive feedback Clark – both here and via YouTube. It’s always good to know that people are watching and listening to what I have produced. It keeps me going!! Enjoy your own trip along the EuroVelo 15 in the summer. It’s a pity you are stopping in Basel and the stretch along the Bodensee is very beautiful indeed… Good luck! 🙂

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