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Dales Autumn Escape: Day 1/4

Well that’s all gone rather well. Yesterday I spent all evening watching TV, eating and drinking. (For one week at least, Tuesday night was the new Friday night…) I kept staring at the rug in my living room where I normally assembly a pile of cycling kit prior […]

Distance = Speed x Time (Do You Give A F*ck?)

I was teaching this formula to a group of disinterested 14 year olds earlier in the week. (Not including the bit in brackets.) They had clearly been reading the book I have just started reading myself; Mark Manson’s The Subtle Art of Not Giving a F*ck… I give a f*ck far too often. I think I shouldn’t. I’m not sure if this ties in with what I’ve written below but I think it might. If it doesn’t, well, I don’t give a f*ck and clearly the £18.99 spent at Waterstones wasn’t wasted. I’m going to go back and remove the apostrophe in ‘Waterstone’s’ as I’m trying to no longer give a f*ck. I digress…

Ten Years Of Cycling Europe: Keeping It Simple

Last night I gave an online talk to the Halifax Rotary Club here in West Yorkshire. Usually, my talks are all-singing, all-dancing when it comes to the visuals but after experiencing issues with streaming video and complex graphics during online Zoom talks earlier in the year I took a more simple approach. The last ten years of my life was paired down to 30 static slides. Here is the what the Rotarians saw. You’ll have to fill in the commentary for yourselves…