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“One Of My All-Time Favourite YouTube Videos… Epic Stuff!”

On July 3rd 2022 I set off from The Hook of Holland in The Netherlands, turned right and pedalled off in the direction of France. It was an anti-clockwise tour of the continent; the EuroVelo 12 along the Belgian coast, the EuroVelo 4 to Dieppe, L’Avenue Verte to Paris, La Véloscénie to Mont St Michel before rejoining the EuroVelo 4 to Morlaix, the EuroVelo 1 / Vélodyssée to Royan, the Canal de la Garonne to Toulouse, the Canal du Midi to Sète, the EuroVelo 17 beside the Rhône to Andermatt in Switzerland and finally the EuroVelo 15 / Rhine Cycle Route back to The Hook of Holland and the return ferry to Hull on September 3rd.

Tenerife: Day 5

A few mindful moments just after sunrise on my final morning staying in Costa Adeje on the Spanish island of Tenerife. It’s interesting seeing how, from the perspective of the drone, the natural and man-made worlds have collided rather sharply. But at 8am there was still calm to be found before people crawl from their beds and take up position beside the pools, in the cafés and bars and on the beaches…

Tenerife: Day 4

When I was thinking about what to do today, top of the list of ‘possibles’ was staying at the hotel and cracking on with some writing. I was hoping to knock off at least another couple of chapters of the new book this week, but it hasn’t happened, yet. And it never happened this morning. With it been another nice day, it seemed a waste to sit at my computer, especially when there are so many things I haven’t done on this island. That includes getting anywhere near Mount Teide. Would today be the day I did?

Tenerife: Day 3

The cycling day… It’s strange being on a cycling holiday without a bicycle. That’s how it felt yesterday. Today the normal order was restored and I have been cycling. Not on my bike but a hire bike from a local company called Mr Bike Tenerife. I don’t think that’s his real name but Mr Bike delivered the ‘Pro Mountain Bike’ to the hotel this morning at just after 11:30 as promised. Let the cycling commence…

Tenerife: Day 2

I still have to jump on a bike but… I suppose that was never the plan until day 3. Today was spent wandering very slowly along the coast from Costa Adeje to Los Cristianos and then back again via a route slightly inland. My fitness app tells me 20km and 27,000 steps. Thant will work wonders on the average. ​

Markus Stitz: Home Is Where The Trails Take You

A new film from Germany’s permanent representative to the Scottish bike packing fraternity​. His reputation precedes him and he has featured many times previously on the pages of He is, of course, Markus Stitz. This time his filmmaking skills have taken him to the Cairngorms National Park to discover is cycle routes and meet its people…

Danny MacAskill’s Postcard From San Francisco

I noticed a new video from Danny MacAskill this week: Postcard from San Francisco. I haven’t really been keeping up with his videos in recent months and years but when it comes to spectacular cycling films, his are difficult to beat and, with the financial might of the Red Bull corporation, the production values are cinematic. How he manages to balance on top of that tennis net is a mystery known only to the man himself. I like how he has to push his bike through Alcatraz and it’s good to know that he does fall off once in a while (probably significantly more than that…). Enjoy the film!

Le Grand Tour: The Film Premieres

In recent weeks, indeed since returning from my ‘Grand Tour’ of the continent early in September, I haven’t posted much to But I have been busy. Busy film editing… It was always my plan to make use of the significant amount of video footage – over 3,000 clips – in a film that retold the story of the epic cycle from The Hook of Holland to The Hook of Holland via much of France, Switzerland and the Rhinelands.