The Great British Cycle Tour 2020: Days 19 – 28

If you are a lover of silent films, this will be a treat for you; the final instalment of The Great British Cycle Tour 2020 videos. (It has no sound…) It’s longer than the previous ones covering ten days from Liverpool along the coast of north Wales to Anglesey and then across the principality via the Lon Las Cymru before a final sprint for the 4th and final capital, London…

Should you be feeling that you need to see the whole story, well you’re in luck. Here are the previous, shorter, videos:

You may be wondering what happened to day 18. If you are, congratulations on being so observant. Day 18 of cycling was the day I spent only doing a small amount of cycling from Belfast back home before the mid-expedition break. If you are eager for at least one video from that day, here is a short one; the view of Liverpool seafront. It was far sunnier when I returned on day 19 a few weeks later, as you saw in the newest video covering days 19 to 28.

In the next few months I’ll put together a longer film that incorporates all aspects of the journey, both the small and the tourism. Stay tuned!

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