Barry Godin: Tour Of Mont Blanc

As lockdown continues, cycling anywhere remotely exotic is most definitely off the agenda for several months to come. Stay local! However that doesn’t prevent us from vicariously enjoying the adventures of others from the pre-Coronavirus era. Barry Godin – who has appeared on these pages many times before – has just published a new film about mountain biking the Tour de Mont Blanc. Having walked almost all of the Tour de Mont Blanc route over two seperate hiking trips – in 2006 and then in 2016 – it’s an area of the world that I know well and Barry’s film was a pleasure to watch.

You can subscribe to Barry’s YouTube channel here.

You can subscribe to the Cycling Europe YouTube channel here. There you will find a playlist of films that groups together my own hiking films which includes this particular gem from the very end of that 2016 trip to the Alps. We had arrived in Zermatt, Switzerland and our final hike of the trip was to the top of Gornergrat and its wonderful views of the Matterhorn. Stay home, stay safe… and travel to the Alps!

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