The Changing Face Of The Cycling Europe Podcast

Today – at this very moment – I should have been on a plane flying to Japan. Clearly I’m not. So how best to use my time? What about an update of the podcast artwork? Great idea! You’d think that going from the ‘before’ picture on the left to the new ‘after’ picture on the right would be a simple business…

…but then you realise that exists in so many places and then have to spend hours reformatting , resizing and uploading across the World Wide Web.

Twitter, moved slightly to the right to accommodate the profile picture:

Facebook, a video no less (also posted to YouTube):

But the YouTube ‘header’ image is the trickiest of the lot requiring much empty space to fit across all the different platforms:

Not to mention the ‘featured’ image you see at the top of this page that needs to allow the text to fit at the bottom of the box:

And another image on the podcast page itself which doesn’t take up so much space as the square one require by Apple et al:

I think that’s everything although I will no doubt discover the old logo elsewhere in due course.

For those who are interested in such things, the picture of Wanda, my Koga WorldTraveller bicycle, was taken in the beautiful town of Puebla de Sanabria last summer. It is the same image that you see as the background watermark on all of the pages of

It was taken with an iPhone X using the ‘portrait’ feature so as to create more blur in the background.

The picture of the beach was taken back in 2015 in Cadiz, a few days prior to setting off on the long cycle from Spain to Norway, again with an iPhone. Here’s the full, non-cropped version:

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