Cycling Europe 2019: Day 18 (Part 1), Vigo Station

The big ‘training’ day. There are going to be three of them and, as I type, the 7:05 from Vigo to León is just starting its long trundle across northern Spain. We are scheduled to arrive in León at 13:23 (I’ll leave you to work out just how long that is as I’m in denial…). Then it’s another train to Palencia before a third and final one to Santander where we arrive, hopefully, just after 22:00. At least this gives me the time to have a look around the port city tomorrow before the ferry back to the UK. If you travel by train with your bicycle on a RENFE ‘Media Distance’ train, this is what to expect. Some may argue it’s not appropriate to have to lift your bicycle into position but this is the best system I’ve so far experienced:

More later…

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