Yorkshire: In The Bleak Midwinter (And Chickens)

The winter solstice has been and gone but the dark nights remain for some time yet. Following on from the post earlier this month about cycling films – read it here – I’ve been busy putting the Canon XA40 into practice and this weekend have produced two, err… epics, one from either side of the Scammonden Valley. You’ve got to start somewhere. I’ll leave the chickens for the moment although if you look carefully, you can spot them in Yorkshire: In The Bleak Midwinter. It all goes a bit Emmerdale Farm just after 1 minute but, well, this is Yorkshire. All in preparation for Japan 2020 of course…

And the chickens up close…

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  1. Nice little etudes, Andrew! I particularly like the local beer making an appearance at 0:40 in the second film… (Personally I prefer the Harold Darke setting of ITBMW, but there you go.)

    Have a great Christmas and New Year, and I’m sure we’re all looking forward to escaping the crazy world for a few bike rides in 2020!

  2. Andrew , as a 74 year old Bradfordian I greatly value your writings and videos . Excellent stuff . Have you thought about putting them all together in a longer edited film . I really like the ‘ in the bleak mid winter’ one and the piano playing …thank you so much . Enjoy Christmas tide .

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