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Cycling Europe: Online Catch-Up

It’s now nearly 6 years since I completed my cycle from Europe’s southernmost point to the continent’s northernmost point; Tarifa to Nordkapp or, as it was later immortalised in the title of the book, Spain to Norway on a Bike Called Reggie. Many of you will have read the book and some of you have have heard me speak about that journey of 7,776 km from one end of the continent to the other… If you didn’t, fear not, you have another chance this coming Saturday, May 8th, as I have been invited to speak at an online event organised by the London-based Globetrotters Club. Since the start of lockdown, all the club’s travel-themed talks have, of course, moved online and that’s no different this coming weekend so, wherever you may be, you have a chance to ‘attend’! You can find all the details about the event by following this link. It all starts at 1.30pm on Saturday. Here’s a teaser:

Hopefully I’ll see a few of you on Saturday.

In other news… Episode 029 of The Cycling Europe Podcast was dedicated to the travels of the Edinburgh-based, German-born cyclist Markus Stitz. Here’s a reminder:

At the end of the podcast, Markus makes reference to something called the Cateran Ecomuseum. What’s that? I hear you ask…

‘A museum without walls’. That’s a fascinating concept and Markus has been working with the ecomuseum to create a short film about what is is and what it represents. The beautiful film, which features much cycling, is being launched on Tuesday 11th May at 8pm on YouTube and Markus has asked me to host the follow-up Q&A:

Please join us for the film and the chat. All you need to do is be in front of YouTube on Tuesday 11th at 8pm:

Elsewhere online… the 400th rating for Crossing Europe on a Bike Called Reggie has just been delivered on Amazon. In Jeff Bezos’ world, ratings are distinct from reviews but the latter are still very numerous. Here’s the latest:

“After reading this book I was ready to pack a bag, pump the tyres up on my bike and set off across Europe. This is a truly fantastic book and I was hooked. Iโ€™ve read many cycling journals, Mark Beaumont, Sean Conway to name [but two] and this book is up there with the best of them.”

Best Game Ever

The Cycling Europe YouTube channel is teetering on the edge of its 500th subscriber. It could be you… Here’s the latest film:

And finally, if you feel that I need some kind of reward for all this time and effort, you can now support the endeavours of ‘Cycling Europe’ via Ko-Fi. (‘Ko-Fi’ Get it?)

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