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WarmShowers Forums: Swedish Trains And Videos

Earlier this week I received an email from WarmShowers, the accommodation sharing website aimed at cycle tourists, about their ‘forums’. Whenever I think of forums my mind turns back to the early days of the Internet when things were a little more ‘clunky’ than they are now. But they must still be a ‘thing’ and the fact that WarmShowers have them on their website would suggest that, actually, they are still widely used.

NEW VIDEO: Cycling Stirling To Edinburgh… In 10 Minutes

Iโ€™ve been taking a break from the website and social media but before I return in early 2022, hereโ€™s a short video about a recent trip to Scotland. In late November 2021 I attended a Cycling UK event in Stirling, where I had been asked to give a talk about โ€˜Cycling Europeโ€™. It was the perfect excuse to embark upon a wee bit of winter cycling โ€“ from Stirling to Edinburgh along the northern bank of the Firth of Forth โ€“ with a little time to explore the two cities at either end of the routeโ€ฆ

Cycling Route 66: Under The Sun

If you live in the north of England, you donโ€™t have to travel far to get to Route 66. The other Route 66 that is; the cycling one. In my part of the north – West Yorkshire – itโ€™s the Calder Valley Cycleway and follows the Rochdale Canal. With friend Craig, I spent much of today cycling in a loop from home to Ripponden, up the hill to Batings Reservoir and then down the other side of the Pennines to Littleborough where we hooked up with the Rochdale Canal.

The Koga (Signature) WorldTraveller Bicycle: Reviewed

A few weeks ago a woman contacted me on social media and pointed out that her husband was holding back on buying a new bike until I published a review of the Koga WorldTraveller bicycle that I purchased back in the early summer of 2019. I have to admit that I have promised a review on several occasions but never actually got around to writing one. Well, finally, here it is. Much to the relief of the husband concerned…

silver imac near white ceramic kettle

Cycling Europe: Online Catch-Up

It’s now nearly 6 years since I completed my cycle from Europe’s southernmost point to the continent’s northernmost point; Tarifa to Nordkapp or, as it was later immortalised in the title of the book, Spain to Norway on a Bike Called Reggie. Many of you will have read […]

Winter In Spring: April Snow Showers In Northern England

We seemed to have had more than our fair share of snow in the north of England during the winter of 2020-21. Last week, however, the temperatures were in the low twenties and people were sunbathing on the beaches at Scarborough so I wasn’t quite expecting to wake up this morning and see that the snow had returned in April. I put the drone into action and here is the result. I reckon that by midday it will have all melted – probably until next winter – but you never know…