Cycling Europe 2019: Day 11 (Part 2), Puebla De Sanabria To Bragança

I’ve arrived on Portugal after a much shorter ride than yesterday (see previous posts) and it’s nice to have a few hours to sit, sip wine, soak up the atmosphere and watch the world go by which happens to be exactly what I’m doing right now. I’ll do a bit more of all three activities as you analyse my statistics for the day and watch the video, which kicks off from where the day 11 part 1 video finished, in Puebla de Sanabria:

Those 52 km were roughly split half and half between Spain and Portugal. Contrary to what I said in the video at the start of the climb from Puebla de Sanabria, the border wasn’t on the ridge of the hill but after several kilometres of descent on the other side. I find this a little curious as borders are more often than not defined by physical features, whether they be the ridge of a hill, a river or a coastline. Unless you live in America of course and the state line just happens to be where the cartographer placed his ruler on the map, or so it sometimes seems. I digress. It was very much a downwards day…

…and saw me losing much of the altitude that I had gained since leaving Potes. It is worth noting, however, that a height of 700 metres – where I am now in Bragança – would have the town listed as the highest populated place back in Britain. I’ve just checked: Buxton and Hawes are at around 300 metres and the highest city is Brexit-central Stoke-on-Trent at 276 metres – clearly the thin air has affected their senses…

Well I’ve been making the most of my freedom of movement while it lasts (why can’t it be restricted to just the 52% I wonder…) by sauntering across the border into Portugal and, despite the ‘cobbles’, Wanda and I are happy in our surroundings. Tonight, I opted to rent an apartment. It could sleep 6 (if you were very good friends) so if I make friends tonight in Bragança I can at least offer them a place to stay. Chances are it will be just Wanda and me, poring over the map of Portugal trying to fathom our next few days of cycling.

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