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Much Ado About Cycling

The HandleBards are a unique cycling theatre company, who carry all of their set props and costumes on the back of their bicycles, performing charmingly chaotic Shakespeare’s plays at outdoor venues all across the UK.


Bright Eyes

Bright Eyes Art Garfunkel Is it a kind of a dream  Floating out on the tide  Following the river of death downstream  Oh, is it a dream?  There’s a fog along the horizon  A strange glow in the sky  And nobody seems to know where it goes  And […]

A Plethora Of Podcasts

Podcasts are on my mind. If you read the previous post you would have noted that I included a snippet from the next episode of The Cycling Europe Podcast that will be returning in early June. The topic of that podcast will be the purchase of a new touring bike and I have now edited the full interview with Alee Denham who is currently in Colombia en route to Alaska. I’m hoping to interview someone from Koga and will be taking my microphone to the Cycle Touring Festival later in May to record a few thoughts. It might be you… Watch this space.

Treacherous Times In Border Country

Today has been a little like an episode of Line Of Duty; it starts all mundane and then quickly descends into all kinds of shenanigans. The day started with cats in Yorkshire and ended with a fall down a 30-metre ravine in South America. That should keep you […]

The End Of The Bicycle Thieves?

Theft is on my mind. I have just ordered a rather expensive bicycle and Josh Quigley, a man who wants to cycle around the world, had his bicycle stolen in London this week before he’d had the chance to even leave the country. Once my new Koga is delivered, I intend buying insurance but we all know that prevention is better than cure…

The Cycling Europe Podcast Returns… (And It Needs Your Help)

It’s been quite a few months since the last episode of The Cycling Europe Podcast and a new instalment is well overdue. Attentive followers of this website over the last few weeks will have noted that one subject has predominated; my investment in a new touring bicycle. At this time of the year, when northern hemisphere cyclists are beginning to think about where they might pedal off to in the summer, it seems a timely topic of conversation.

Cycling & Electricity Generation: The Hub Of The Matter

There is a risk that might be entering a phase of being a useful website once again… In response to the post earlier in the week about the Denham handlebars on my new touring bike – the Koga WorldTraveller-S 2.0 – which also made reference to the USB charging device that is connected to the Son 28 front dynamo hub, I have received a detailed and very interesting email from David Sinclair.

Denham: The Handlebars… And The Man

If you search for the word ‘Denham’ on this esteemed website (yes, this one!), you’ll find it appears twice; once in reference to the handlebars for which I have opted on the new Koga Signature WorldTraveller-S 2.0 and once in a post from earlier in the year. Until yesterday, I didn’t realise that the two are connected, but they are and here’s why.