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The UK’s Top Ten Cycling Blogs

Today, on a day that “number 10” is on everyone’s mind, I’m channeling Geraint Thomas and I’m with the Welshman at number 2… If you like your numbers, keep reading. This is post number 2,990 on I’m hoping that post number 3,000 will be published during my […]


I escaped today’s further descent into right-wing populism… (I mean… why? What has happened? Wasn’t the referendum and then that idiot Trump enough? Now ‘you’ – probably not ‘you’ personally but I can’t exclude the possibility that some visitors to are utterly stupid – think all your […]

Out Of Office | Bikepacking Dartmoor

When I head off on my travels later in the summer – to the Isle of Wight, Spain and Portugal – I won’t be writing a book about the whole thing. Well, unless I get kidnapped by remote Asturian villagers and spend months in captivity, learning the local […]