Episode 000: Does The World Need Another Cycling Podcast?

Does the world need another cycling podcast? We are about to find out…

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  1. Ah, you youngsters with your new-fangled interweb thingy! Seriously though, I’d much rather read an article than listen to a podcast. It’s not just an age thing – I can scan through something written and focus on the bits that are of interest to me but I can’t do that with a sound recording. I noticed that for the most part they come in at about an hour each – I don’t have the luxury of that sort of time and I suspect that a lot of people will find themselves in the same boat. I will make a point of trying to fit in the bit I noticed about UK to Istanbul as I did that twice (2012 and 2013). I hope this comes over as constructive criticism rather than negative. Good luck for your trip to Japan.

    • You are a little late to the party… The podcast has been up and running for over two years. I have just transferred all the media to WordPress hence the appearance of some back-dated posts on…

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