Cycling The Calder Valley: The Audio Documentary

The observant amongst you will notice that, on September 1st, the first podcast will be unleashed into the world! It is still very much a work-in-progress but I’ve decided to share with you a snippet (well, it’s a 15 minute long ‘snippet’ that will probably be trimmed further over the course of the next couple of weeks into something nearer to 10 minutes) to whet your appetite for the full podcast. It was recorded on location when I went for ride along the Calder Valley – the place where I live in Yorkshire – with Twitter friend Craig Dodson. I had only met Craig a couple of times before the cycle so there was a certain element of getting to know him although he played the part well and you can hear what he has to say when I shut up. Here it is:

The final, full length podcast will include interviews with some interesting cycling people as well as the reflections of a few people who recently attended the CTC ‘birthday rides’ event in the Cotswolds (see earlier post) plus more, yet to be revealed surprises! Watch this space…

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