The Queensbury (Cycling?) Tunnel has just received a bit of a makeover… and what better way to mark the event than an initiative that seeks to reinvent a disused railway tunnel into something that could benefit generations of future cyclists: The Queensbury Tunnel.

This website has seen how disused railway infrastructure across the continent has been reborn as viable and valued ‘greenways’ for use by walkers and cyclists; the Vias Verdes of Spain being a classic example but also the Waterford Greenway in Ireland which was recently featured on this site. So when an initiative to bring life back into a British railway tunnel comes to our attention, we are more than happy to help give it a little oxygen of publicity. The initiative in question is a tunnel that could, potentially, link Halifax with Bradford and here is a video showing what the results could be:

Full details of the project can be found on the Queensbury Tunnel website. Follow progress on Twitter @QburyTunnel.

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