This Day In History… And The Podcast

It’s Friday 1st September 2017. On this day in history…

  • …Louis XIV died (1715)
  • …the last known passenger pigeon, Martha, died in captivity in Cincinnati Zoo (1914)
  • …Ernest Hemingway’s Pulitzer-prize winning novel, The Old Man and the Sea was published (1952)
  • …the wreck of the Titanic was discovered (1985) and
  • …Betty Cantrell, Miss America 2016, was born (1994)

Wikipedia does have its uses.

It’s a possibility (admittedly a faint one but stay with me…) that perhaps in years to come, September 1st will also come to signify something else; the day that saw the launch of The Podcast! (Pause for faint ripple of applause followed by images of tumbleweed…)

Yes, the day has come; The Podcast is here, or rather there, on the Internet. First of all the technicalities. The easiest way for Apple users to access not just this first episode of the podcast but all subsequent ones is to subscribe to the iTunes feed. That way it will be downloaded automatically to your device when it’s published on the first day of each month. Fear not; it’s free (and will continue to be so for a while) so you won’t be committing to paying anything in any currency other than an hour or so of your time.

The podcast will be available via other ‘podcatchers‘ (there’s a word I didn’t know until a few days ago) as long as they pick up the RSS feed from Awesound, the people hosting the podcast. I sense eyes beginning to glaze over… the upshot of all that is, if you can’t find it elsewhere, go direct to The Podcast page on Awesound and listen directly from them. You can also listen here:

I should have said that to begin with.

The first episode of the podcast includes:

If you like what you hear, please help spread the word by mentioning the podcast to friends. If you have any comments to make, get in touch! I’m already on the lookout for people to chat to and places to visit for future episodes of the podcast and ideas are very welcome.

Thanks for reading and, especially, for listening. Enjoy!

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