I Don’t Have To Cycle Up Everest…

Here is a post from Rachel Cullen’s website. She’s a runner but has caught the bug for cycling… For anyone who knows the Calder Valley (as I do), the hills she refers to will be familiar. I feel her pain!

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  1. I’ve just dropped a peanut down my cycling shirt, but not to worry I’ll eat it later. The reason for the peanuts is they go with the beer we’re having in our hotel in Sans Sabastian. Yes! Made it to Spain, ha ha. Couldn’t quite cycle all the way into Sans Sabastian as I didn’t want to get arrested for cycling along the motorway I found myself on, so prudence ruled and I met Fenella at the first slip-road I came across. Still, as motorways go it was a very nice motorway and the Spanish drivers seemed more amused than annoyed with me. So, this is really just a short blog to say we did it! I’d originally planned to complete the journey in 24 cycling days, but managed to complete in 21 cycling days, so feeling a bit chuffed with myself. A bit more of a blog to come later. But for now more peanuts and beer.

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