Dear Jesse Norman, Transport Minister…

I am writing to ask if you could write to the motorists of Britain (as you wrote to the cycling associations of Britain last Friday), asking them to follow the Highway Code.

Specifically, could you remind all drivers about the following things:

  • respecting the speed limits, even in the increasingly popular 20 mph zones
  • refraining from dangerous overtaking, especially in the 20 mph zones
  • not abusing other drivers who choose to drive at or below the speed limit
  • stopping at red traffic lights
  • not jumping the lights before they change to green
  • not using mobile phones when driving
  • not tailgating
  • slowing down when approaching vulnerable road users
  • allowing plenty of space when passing vulnerable road users
  • not parking in lanes that have been marked for the use of cyclists, even when no double yellow line is painted on the road
  • not parking on pavements (which are intended for pedestrians)
  • ensuring their vehicles comply with clean air legislation

I have, alas, recently started to commute myself by car during the rush hour and I see most of the Highway Code infringements listed above on every journey that I make from my home near Halifax to Pudsey, Leeds.

Best wishes

Andrew P. Sykes

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  1. You missed one I see every day – motor vehicles of all sorts, even ambulances, stopping in the advance stop box for bikes at traffic lights. Not just slightly over the line but completely over the whole box.

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