Dordogne: The Velocast Podcast

A few weeks ago, as the Tour de France made its way across the French countryside, I had the opportunity of visiting the Dordogne region of France courtesy of the organisers of the Tour de Yorkshire, Welcome to Yorkshire. If this is news to you (or you have forgotten), you may be interested in reading and seeing how I got on during those three days in France by taking a look at this post – ‘When Yorkshire Met The Dordogne… And The Tour De France‘ – that was published back in July.


If reading and seeing aren’t your thing, you now have a third option: you can listen to the podcast of the visit. I was travelling with three other journalists, one of whom works for Velocast, a cycling-themed podcast. His name is Scott O’Raw and he has now produced a thirty minute programme about the riches, and surprises, of the Dordogne region. It can be downloaded and listened to, for free, by following this link. Listen out – at 10 minutes 50 seconds into the podcast – for the thoughts of one of Britain’s most renowned wine critics. He does sound quite familiar…


If podcasting is your thing, good news is on its way from very soon. Watch this space! (Well, listen to this space but that’s not really possible… I’ll shut up.)


Scott of in action at the Chateau de Monbazillac

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